Archer at a Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony.

Photography by Jeffrey Friedl.


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I thought I’d reblog this with some process details. I naturally have really dark brown almost black hair. I also for years had been dying it in black to keep it shiny and vampire like (ha!). So when I decided to Go Green, I knew it would be a slow process if I didn’t want to kill my long hair.

To start (all this is done by a hairdresser as I have way too much hair for me to try and do this at home) I bleached my hair from roots to ends and only my regrowth roots went blonde/white.. the rest stripped to a slightly duller black. A combination of Special Effects brand ‘Iguana Green’ and ‘Sonic Green’ I think was put all the way through. While in the day light my hair looked all green, in the shade and in most photos pretty much only my roots looked green.

Then roughly when ever my regrowth got to a length it was annoying, I would get my roots bleached and put more green on, but leaving the rest of my hair alone. Slowly but surely the brighter section of my hair is getting longer and longer. Meanwhile, my previously dyed black ends after not being touched were getting lighter and lighter (or I should say murkier and murkier) on their own just from many many washes. So on my last visit to the hairdresser we bleached from roots to ends again (so that’s for the second time) and then used the hair dye brand In my roots is ‘Emerald Green’ (the really bright green, please note it’s not yellow, that’s the photo and the sunny day playing tricks) which has been drawn down and merges into ‘Pine Green’ (the darker green) on the rest of my hair. The results is what you see in the photo above. This photo was taken right afterwards.

Now, my previously black section still only bleached out to a lightish brown on this visit, so if you use ‘Pine Green’ on your own hair, you should expect it to be either lighter or darker than this depending on the colour of your own hair. You can even see in the photo where my previously black hair starts at just below my eye level. Look how much it has grown out!
 Anyway, I am very happy as this is the greenest it has ever been! Woo!

minutesawaybutmilesapart asked: Your green hair was BEAUTIFUL! I saw in the tags that you used Alpine Green and Sonic Green, but may I ask which dye was the darker one? I'm looking for a very dark green to dye my hair. Thank you!

Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure which photo you are referring too as I change dye brands and greens quite a lot, but I get the feeling if I used those tags then it must have been one of the earlier times. Was it also tagged with ‘Special Effects’? Anyway, I’m a bit scared to answer with confidence but from the names you mentioned I can say that Sonic Green is always the more blue green of the colours and the Pine Green is well Pine. *laugh*. Usually the Pine ends up being the darker of the two. What I will warn you about is that I already had black in my ends that I’ve been slowly stripping out so whatever colour I add to the ends always ends up being darker anyway. Where as my roots bleach out nice and blonde/white so the colour I add there is brighter. I will say my favourite brand of dye is by Special Effects. It just lasts the longest and makes my hair feel healthier and doesn’t fade to weird shades, but I’m currently using a brand from the UK called Crazy Color as that’s what my current hairdresser has access too. I hope this helped in some way!

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thanks joffrey

What a great message. I wish all characters were this nice. Does anyone know what this is from?

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